How You Can Help

TFTFAO appreciate your interest in helping and supporting us. Donations of all kind are important for us to accomplish our mission. Thank you!

Donate Money

Your donation helps however small – every dollar counts. You can donate towards one of our specific programs:

Tree planting

You can support our work by contributing to our tree planting activities.

$ 1 will help to grow 3 trees
$ 100 will help to grow 300 trees
$ 1000 will help to grow 3,000 trees

The group’s we are supporting are planting trees on farms and degraded forest lands. The above costs include: purchase of seeds, purchase of nursery equipments, germinating and management of seedlings in the nurseries, out planting and after planting management of seedlings. It also include training community members on tree nurseries establishment and management as well as agroforestry techniques.

Support women to acquire energy efficient cookstoves

Women are the most vulnerable members of the Kenyan community. About 90% of them currently are using open fire cooking which is consuming a lot of fuelwood and cause respiratory related disease. You can support these women’s to acquire an Energy saving cookstove which are fuelwood efficient, smokeless and reduce cases of respiratory related diseases.

$ 20 will purchase 1 Energy efficient cookstove and plant 20 trees by community member
$ 200 will purchase 10 Energy efficient cookstoves and plant 200 trees by community members

The beneficiary of energy efficient cookstoves will offset you and their carbon foorprints. The trees planted will provide alternative source of fuelwood instead of relying on forest. Beside that fruits trees will be distributed to the beneficiary and they will improve their nutrition and income.

Adopt a tree nursery

You can adopt a whole community tree nursery with 5,000 tree seedlings. The adoption support includes purchasing of seeds and nursery equipments, all cost for raising seedlings, management and out planting.

$ 3,000 will support a nursery for 1 year
$ 1,500 will support a nursery for 6 months

The adopted tree nurseries will be donated tree seedlings to schools and community members. The organization will educate pupils and students on the importance of trees and as practical action tree seedlings will be planted.

Support the development of an agroforestry training manual

Trees for Future and Agroforestry Organization is developing an agroforestry training manual to be used by farmers and school pupils. The manual will offer a broad overview of important agroforestry topics: choosing the best trees to plant, seed collection, storage and germination, tree nursery establishment, management, out planting and after planting management, agroforestry techniques trainings, sustainable land uses practices, fuel efficient techniques, integrated pest management and composting.

$ 3 will provide one farmer or school pupil with a copy of the agroforestry training manual

Donate Goods

Donating goods and services is a great way to support our work. Please contact us before you donate any goods, for example we need nursery equipment like: polythene bags, watering cans, irrigations systems, wheelbarrows etc.

Gift Donation

You are looking for a useful present for a loved one or to celebrate life’s special milestones, such as weddings and anniversaries? You would like to dedicate a donation “in honor of” or “in memory of” someone? Once you selected the program to be supported and the full donation is made, we will finalize the dedication by sending you a personal certificate. For an additional cost we can also send updates every 3 months about the progress of the supported program.

Donate Your Time

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities from one week up to one month. Volunteers will live and work with the communities. They will help in the nurseries work, planting and supporting the community itself by teaching and training community relevant knowledge.