Embu coffee farmers

Upcoming Project


Coffee farmers from Embu once regarded this plant as the gold of the country because through this product, they were able to earn a lot of income and cater for their basic needs. But by mid 1980s, this plant once regarded as gold turned into curse to farmers due to ;lower prices, accumulated debts and effects of climate change. Our organization is working with coffee farmers to help them regain their status by training them on increasing coffee production organically and acquiring new varieties.

Elias coffee farmer from Embu


Over 20,000 coffee farmers from Embu county are facing many challenges which includes; low coffee yields due to unsustainable methods of coffee farming, unable to acquire farm inputs such as chemical fertilizers which farmers believe can increase production , Using coffee varieties which are prone to pest and diseases, limited access to credit facilities, effects of climate change , Poor soil due to depletion and shortage of labour. All this has affected coffee production.

Ciumwari a coffee farmer showing his coffee stems.


The project will undertake many activities aimed at improving coffee production in Embu County. These includes; liaising with coffee societies to supply farmers with new high yield coffee varieties seedlings which will increase production, training farmers on using organic methods of coffee production which include use of compost and organic pest and disease control. Supporting coffee farmers grow shade trees to protect coffee against extremes temperatures and weather conditions.

Coffee farmers are turning to fruit growing after coffee production going down.

Long-Term Impact

The project will help coffee farmers to increase coffee production which will in return increase their income and be able to cater for their basic needs. Beside increasing production, farmers will support the newly constructed coffee mill in Embu to produce quality coffee which will be able to fetch high prices in the international markets. This coffee is going to employ over 20,000 peoples directly. The Specialty Coffee Association of America has already agreed to buy coffee from Embu County.

Youths are also turning to planting grafted trees after coffee production going down